About the Sales & Services category

Looking to buy/sell a used WAZER within the Community? Or perhaps you need someone local to cut a job? Join here to find services or provide your own!

Use this category to find used WAZER hardware or WAZER operated services. Only products that have been through a WAZER workflow will be allowed for advertisement.

Any products or services not provided through a WAZER will be removed!

As a friendly reminder, please be aware:

  • Any WAZER hardware purchased from a 3rd party is no longer covered under Warranty and any Support Service requests can be denied.
  • Do NOT share personal details with someone you do not trust. Be careful with your information. Be aware of potential scams.
  • Do your due diligence in assessing the condition of the equipment you would like to buy. Make sure that all parts are included and in good condition. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!
  • When advertising a WAZER for sale please make sure to provide:
    • Serial Numbers
    • Total Cutting Time
    • Pictures showing any damage such as scratch marks or dents.
  • This is a public space. If you would like to keep information confidential, we recommend communicating through other methods that are not apart of the Forum.
  • All For Sale posts must include a picture of the actual equipment that is for sale and an advertised price. If an offer is no longer available, please update your title to reflect this - A title with [SOLD] is a great example.

WARNING - If you decide to use a service advertised on this forum, make sure to clearly communicate the job and your goals. Any disputes must be handled between the parties who entered the agreement, WAZER will NOT get involved. WAZER is NOT liable for any transactions or trades that take place on or outside of this Forum.