Aluminum Book Holder

I utilize my Wazer for my side business which is typically clocks & signs. Insert plug here: However, I wanted to make an attempt at creating something more dimensional and practical without the need for welding. My buddy had a birthday and what better time to put my idea to the test?! Here are the final results.


Welcome to the Forum DSDesigns!

Thanks for sharing your book holder with us, that came out great. I really dig the matching hardware! What material did you use and what kind of finish does it have? Next you’ll have to make him a matching bookmark!

This is a great spot to showcase your projects and to get ideas for future projects. If you’d like to advertise your WAZER-cut projects or offer a cutting service we recommend posting in the #sales-services category. Its no problem that you plugged your store here, but please try to keep any advertising in that category!

Btw, I took a look at your store and the stuff you made is awesome! I really like the clock that uses scissors for the minute and hour hands. Excited to see what else you cut with the WAZER!

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Hey Greg,

Thanks for the feedback. The book ends are made from 1mm thick aluminum and coated in a black matte finish. The pieces are held together with M6 cap screws and wood dowels for the holders. I will keep in mind the #sales-services category for future use.